AST 101 Upgrade: PoSSUM Scientist-Astronaut Additional Training


Every component of the PoSSUM Scientist Astronaut Program is designed to teach the candidate how to 1) perform effective suborbital noctilucent cloud science missions, 2) serve as PoSSUM educators, and 3) conduct PoSSUM aeronomy, bioastronautics, and human factors research that provide a research foundation for tomorrow’s space missions.


For those holding a B.S. Degree from an accredited university, the PoSSUM Scientist Astronaut Qualification Program is held either at Florida Tech or Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. It is a five-day, fully immersive training program that will provide the skills required to effectively conduct research on the next generation of commercial space vehicles as part of Project PoSSUM. Designed and instructed by former NASA astronaut instructors and PoSSUM team scientists, the PoSSUM Scientist Astronaut Qualification Program combines three weeks of webinar instruction followed by one-week of intensive training including high-G training, crew resource management training, spacesuit training, high-altitude training, biometric analysis, and PoSSUMCam operations. You will also receive comprehensive instruction on noctilucent cloud science, observational history, research methods from some of the world’s leading noctilucent cloud scientists, then learn to use real PoSSUM Instruments on customized simulations of actual PoSSUM research flights, using the most modern training facilities available. Upon graduation, you will be fully trained and qualified to participate in PoSSUM graduate specializations, become a PoSSUM educator, or to fly to space as a PoSSUM Scientist-Astronaut!

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