IIAS Professional Certificate in Bioastronautics – EVA Space Suit Evaluation Concentration


The IIAS Professional Certificate in Bioastronautics offers a concentration in Intra-vehicular Space Suit Evaluation together with Project PoSSUM and Final Frontier Design. This credential provides the student a hands-on, immersive education that will serve as a career in human space flight and technologies related to the human adaptation to the space environment. Students learn to test spacesuits in microgravity environments, high-G environments, and landing and post-landing environments.



The IIAS Professional Certificate in Bioastronautics offers a concentration in Extra-Vehicular Space Suit Evaluation in partnership with Project OTTER and Final Frontier Design. This credential provides a practical education for the professional interested in extravehicular space suit test and operations. Students learn about life support systems, operational space medicine, Martian and lunar geology, EVA tool development and test, and EVA space suit systems evaluation in gravity-offset environments.

The Professional Certificate in Bioastronautics (EVA Concentration)

The IIAS Professional Credential in Bioastronautics is a 16-credit certification designed for the student or professional interested in a career in human space flight involving the design, integration, test, and qualification of technologies involving the human interface in spacecraft. IIAS offers two concentrations of study in Bioastronautics: IVA Space Suit Test and Evaluation and EVA Space Suit Test and Evaluation. These concentrations are largely independent of each other and may be taken sequentially or concurrently. Prospective applicants must have successfully competed the requirements for AST 101 (Fundamentals of Astronautics). Extravehicular Operations courses lead to qualification to conduct underwater testing of EVA space suits and include EVA 101: Life Support Systems, EVA 102: Remote and Space Medicine, EVA 103: Extraterrestrial Geology and EVA Tool Development, and EVA 104: Gravity-Offset EVA Space Suit Evaluation. Upon completion of the prescribed courses, the candidate should petition for graduation through the link below.

Requirements for the IIAS Bioastronautics Certificate in EVA Space Suit Evaluation

Course Credits
AST 101 Fundamentals of Astronautics 2
EDU 101 Citizen-Science Research Methods 2
EVA 101 Life Support Systems 3
EVA 102 Underwater Analog EVA Test Planning 3
EVA 103 Planetary Field Geology and EVA Tool Development 3
EVA 104 Gravity-Offset EVA Space Suit Evaluation 3

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