Science Education

The IIAS Science Education Program provides a focused education on the art of citizen-science and provides opportunities for graduates to teach science to advanced high-school and undergraduate students in their local communities or to pursue a profession in science communication, education, or in leadership roles within the space industry. We study educational methods and their effectiveness through classes that utilize immersive and hands-on environments where science contribution is regarded as the measure of success.

Areas of Study

Applied Astronautics PoSSUM 3

Studying Methods of Effective Science Communication and Education

Supported by IIAS Science Education graduates, the PoSSUM Academy and other IIAS-sponsored courses tap into the inspirational power of next-generation astronautics to educate the general public about the science of aeronomy and bioastronautics. Techniques and effectiveness of education mixed with hands-on training and direct participation in the research process are evaluated. IIAS also matures science communication strategy through the EDU 102 Science Communication course.

Dr. Jason Reimuller

Developing the Next-generation of IIAS Directors and Instructors

The IIAS offers EDU 103 and EDU 104 to develop the next generation of space educators and leaders. Education methods are matured as individualized training is combined with standardization methods. Future directors and executives may study management and leadership as it relates to space enterprise.

Students interested in employment as instructors or directors within the IIAS are required to complete EDU 103 or EDU 104, respectively. Students interested in qualifying as a Space Suit Technician within the IIAS are required to complete the IIAS Space Suit Technician Qualification Program.

The Professional Certificate in Science Education

The IIAS Professional Certificate in Science Education is a 16-credit certification designed for the student or professional interested in a career in education harnessing the influential power of human space flight to inspire students to excel in STEM academics. Prospective applicants must have successfully competed the requirements for AST 101 (Fundamentals of Astronautics). Upon completion of the prescribed courses, the candidate should petition for graduation through the link below.

Requirements for the IIAS Science Education Certificate

AST 101Fundamentals of Astronautics2
Special TopicSpace Suit Technician Qualification*1
Special TopicSimulator Pilot Qualification1
EDU 101Citizen-Science Research Methods2
EDU 102Science Communication3
EDU 103IIAS Instructor Qualification Program*3
EDU 104IIAS Leadership Development Program*3

* These courses require completion of the AST 101 curriculum under the ‘PoSSUM Scientist-Astronaut Qualification Program’. ‘Advanced PoSSUM Academy’ completion in itself is not qualifying. Advanced PoSSUM Academy Graduates are encouraged to apply for an equivalency assessment through their IIAS advisor prior to enrolling in EDU 103, EDU 104, or for the IIAS Space Suit Technician Qualification Program.

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