Statement of Solidarity

We at the International Institute for Astronautical Sciences (IIAS) are outraged at the unconscionable acts of violence leading to the sustained nationwide protests that once again bring to light the enduring legacy of racism in America.


Our foundation is built on conducting scientific research that contributes to all humankind. We embrace our core values of cross-cultural collaboration and radical inclusion. We uphold our belief that science is our shared responsibility and that space represents a domain for all humanity.


With members from 46 different countries, there are no cultural boundaries within the fabric of our team – only strong, committed citizens from all corners of the Earth working together to foster progress. We continue to enlist and educate a new generation of kind, passionate, and driven humans from around the world.


To those goals and in solidarity with our American colleagues, IIAS will be introducing a new initiative this month in support of fair and equitable access to information for marginalized individuals everywhere.


To get informed, take action, or get engaged against racism, the Obama Foundation offers a list of valuable resources here.  There are also action resources at the United Nations


Or you can consider applying to the IIAS to further your extra-planetary professional ambitions while contributing to a diverse and inclusive community striving to make STEM and collaborative science accessible to all.

Dr. Jason D. Reimuller

Executive Director, International Institute for Astronautical Sciences

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