EVA 102: Operational Space Medicine


EVA 102 course participants will learn about space medicine, wilderness medicine, human performance, leadership and psychological resilience. The course will dedicate a special focus to extreme environment and wilderness medicine, and how the spaceflight environments may inform triage and first aid scenarios. The on-site portion of this class will focus on wilderness medicine in extreme environments, culminating with triage instruction with scenarios and skills pertaining to wilderness medicine and employing remote techniques such as those that would be used on Mars.


Course Breakdown & Schedule: Online Seminars (12 hours) = 6 x 2 hours – Each 2 hour webinar will consist of a didactic component, self-study & pre-reading as preparation, discussion and a post-webinar evaluation.

Course Composition: Coursework, self-study, didactic lectures, office hours. Web portal with presentations, videos will host course material that students can access.

Webinar 1: Introduction to the Spaceflight Environment & Human Health Issues in Spaceflight

Webinar 2: Principles of Survival & Wilderness Medicine

Webinar 3: Overview of Classroom Component

Webinar 4: Introduction to the Space Medicine Challenges and Concepts.

Webinar 5: Introduction to Space Medicine specifications and developments: Commercial Spaceflight-Class, Exploration-Class,  Settlement-Class.

Webinar 6: Introduction to Operational Space Medecine and Spaceflight Healthcare System.


Classroom component and survival course: Didactic Classroom & Practical Component (40 hours = 4.5 days)

Day 1: Arrival and check-in + ½ day classroom component

Day 2-4: Classroom component, skill building, triage, scenarios.

Day 5: Individual skills assessments, group and individual debrief, course evaluations, pack-up, leave

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