Flight Test Engineering

In 2021, IIAS will introduce the Professional Certificate in Flight Test Engineering.
Stay posted for updates.

Areas of Study

Evaluating Performance in Fixed-Wing Aircraft

Fixed-Wing performance flight testing includes pitot-static testing, level flight performance flight testing, climb and descent performance testing, take-off performance testing, and excess power flight testing. High performance jet testing is also available using Marchetti jet aircraft.

Evaluating Stability and Control in Fixed-Wing Aircraft

Fixed-wing stability and control (S&C) flight testing includes characterization of long-period and short-period oscillations in pitch and roll/yaw along with the characterization of the associated stability. Stall performance and visualization as well as spin recovery effectiveness are evaluated. Finally, twin-engine aircraft are used to determine the minimum-controllable airspeed in engine-out scenarios.

The Professional Certificate in Flight Test Engineering

The IIAS Professional Credential in Flight Test Engineering is a 16-credit certification designed for the student or professional interested in a career in aircraft test and evaluation. Upon completion of the prescribed courses, the candidate should petition for graduation through the link below.

Requirements for the IIAS Flight Test Engineering Certificate

FTE 101Fundamentals of Flight Test Engineering2
FTE 102Fixed-Wing Performance Flight Testing3
FTE 103Fixed-Wing Stability and Control Flight Testing3
FTE 104High Performance Flight Testing1
OPS 103Astrodynamics and Orbital Simulation3
AST 999Thesis3

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