Space Flight Operations

IIAS Space Flight Operations research involves the study of ergonomics, biometrics, and human factors in the design of vehicles for human space flight. Methods of training, Crew Resource Management (CRM) and communication are evaluated  in partnership with Project OTTER, Integrated Spaceflight Services, and Survival Systems USA. A variety of analog methods are used including simulated suborbital and orbital vehicles. The associated IIAS Certificate Program in Space Flight Operations provides a practical, hands-on, and immersive education geared to the professional interested in a career in space flight operations.

Areas of Study

Ergonomics and Human Factors Studies

Human factors is the study of the interactions of the human in a system, in this case the astronaut in a space vehicle system. Studies involve cockpit, seat, and space suit design as well as the maturation of nominal and contingency procedures. IIAS evaluates the psychological and physiological principles in space flight systems and technologies in simulated environments. Space suit, bio-monitoring system, and seat technologies are also evaluated by IIAS students in simulated cockpit environments.

Training Effectiveness

IIAS studies the effective of training for space flight crews, including the initial training methods and the retention of skills. Techniques of Crew Resource Management (CRM) and communication methods are evaluated, as well as methods of biometric monitoring and human performance in simulated nominal and contingency environments.

IIAS students are evaluated in the way they retain key skills as they learn space piloting skills and astrodynamics principles in simulated orbital and suborbital environments, as well as contingency egress and post-landing survivability skills.

The Professional Certificate in Space Flight Operations

The IIAS Professional Credential in Space Flight Operations is a 16-credit certification designed for the student or professional interested in a career in human space flight involving system engineering, human factors, crew resource management, operational space medicine, space flight simulation, and astrodynamics. Prospective applicants must have successfully competed the requirements for AST 101 (Fundamentals of Astronautics). Upon completion of the prescribed courses, the candidate should petition for graduation through the link below.

Requirements for the IIAS Space Flight Operations Certificate

AST 101Fundamentals of Astronautics2
EDU 101Citizen-Science Research Methods2
OPS 101System Engineering for Human Space Flight3
OPS 102Spacecraft Egress and Rescue Operations3
OPS 103Fundamentals of Space Robotics3
OPS 104Astrodynamics and Orbital Simulation3

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