FTE 104: High-Performance Flight Testing

FTE 104: High-Performance Flight Testing


    Objectives: High-Performance Flight Testing reviews the concepts and maneuvers for evaluating and determining and evaluating stability, control, and performance characteristics of a high performance, turbine powered SIAI-Marchetti aircraft. Post test data analysis and final test report will be submitted by students.



    Introduction to Flight Test Engineering, RTO AGARDograph 300, Flight Test Techniques Series – Volume 14, AC/323(SCI-FT3)TP/74

    Flight Testing of Fixed-Wing Aircraft, Ralph D. Kimberlin, AIAA Education Series, ISBN-13 978-1563475641, ISBN-10 1563475642



    1. Climb Performance
    2. Level Flight Performance
    3. Control Pulses
    4. Pushover-Pullup
    5. Roll Reversal
    6. Flight Test Planning
      1. Test Card Development
      2. Instrumentation and Data Methods
      3. Safety Review
      4. Test Briefing
    7. Performance Evaluation
      1. SIAI-Marchetti S.211

    2021 Course Schedule


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