Dr. Paul Buza


Melbourne, Florida


Dr. Paul W. Buza, D.O. F.A.C.N, is board certified in Neurology and specializes in Clinical Hyperbaric Medicine, Cellular Biology, Diving Medicine and Aerospace Physiology. Dr. Buza founded the Southern Aeromedical Institute (SAMI) in July 1999. The primary goal was to establish an advanced clinical hyperbaric and diving medicine program for the east central coast of Florida using a unique hyperbaric/hypobaric chamber. In 2001, the chamber went on line for hypobaric operations for research and training for the aviation community, and in 2002 NASA approved the facility as a triage center for support operations related to the Shuttle Launch Program. Since that time, SAMI has provided over 45,000 patient treatments for the area hospitals and has trained over 3000 pilots in the high altitude chamber for hypoxia training. In addition, SAMI has provided a platform for research related to clinical medicine and the aerospace industry.


Field of Expertise

Space Medicine

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